COAST|noCOAST is a micro-press and annual print journal of fiction, nonfiction, poetry, poetics, and art with "offices" in Cincinnati, Ohio and Seattle, Washington. While our literary interests are diverse in form and content, we are looking for the bridges between the works we love. We publish COAST|noCOAST as an interrogation of our aesthetics as well as an exploration of our regions' poetry and art. A portion of each issue is dedicated to the writers and artists of Southwest Ohio and the Puget Sound. We seek work that is self-conscious (potentially experimental) in form and context (literary, historical, or otherwise).

We know it's been longer than we hoped amid the turmoil of 2020, but we're back to read your chapbooks again. If you haven't already, we highly recommend our 2019 selection, Vortex(t) by Jake Syersak. We loved it, and we hope you will too. 

Now this winter, we can't wait to see what you've been working on. We want to read your poetry, your prose, and everything in between. All the relevant details can be found below…

Eligibility: Anyone writing in English can send us work! We also accept work in translation into English. 

Genre: We’re open to any genre! Send us poetry, prose, and everything in between! We highly encourage you to purchase one of our first two issues of COAST|noCOAST to get a sense of our interests. We primarily gravitate toward experiments in both prose and poetry, though we’ve published some crystal-clear lyric poems as well. 

Length: 20-40 pages, please! 

Entry Fee: All submissions require a $15.00 entry fee. Submitters will receive a complimentary copy of one of the following: Coast|noCoast Issue No. 1, Coast|noCoast Issue No. 2, Jake's amazing chapbook, or the forthcoming selection from this open reading. 

What will the entry fee be going toward? The entry fee will cover reading, processing, and printing and promotion of the chapbook. Being a not-for-profit press, any remaining dollars will go toward the operation of the press.

Is this a blind contest? Do I have to remove my name? No. We want this to be as transparent as possible. Feel free to leave your name on your manuscript and tell us a little bit about yourself in the cover letter field in Submittable. 

Are simultaneous submissions okay? Yes, but please notify us if it’s accepted elsewhere. 

Can I submit multiple entries? Yes, but each must be accompanied by a separate reading fee. 

Who will be reading the manuscripts? The staff of COAST|noCOAST! You can find our bios here:

What if you pick my manuscript? 

  1. We’ll print it in a perfect-bound edition in the fall of 2021
  2. You’ll receive 30 author copies.
  3. You’ll receive $250 (we want to pay our authors when we can)
  4. We’ll promote it with all the powers we have. 
  5. We’ll keep it in print as long as we can. 

Will there be finalists? Though this isn’t a contest, we do want to honor other works that catch our collective editorial eye. Along with the selected chapbook, we’ll announce a list of honorable mentions.

We're thrilled to be reading for COAST|noCOAST issue No. 3.

If you're not already familiar with our publication, we've published two issues of our journal as well as two chapbooks. In both poetry and prose, we gravitate toward experiments, though we've published some crystal clear lyric poems and engrossing short stories as well.

And FYI, we're reading for our chapbook press as well